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What Did Jesus Really Say?

rohaniYou cannot imagine how perfectly God manages to be alone and how much he manages to love himself. It will sound crazily, but to need the love of others is a disorder. It is an illness. It means that you are not complete, that you are a fragment. For one should be perfect enough to do not need the love of others at all (but now I do not speak about human beings :-). Wheaton College students took to the steps of their school's chapel to protest the possible firing of a professor who said Christians and christian Muslims "worship the same God," the Chicago Daily Herald reported.

Though it's not entirely clear what statement Hawkins was referring to from Pope Francis, in November the pope said that "Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters," according to The Washington Post. The Post also highlighted that the Catholic church teaches that Muslims and Christians worship one God. To my knowledge, Jesus did not spell out recipes for his followers. He certainly would not have forbidden or promoted foods that were not known in his time and area.

I don't think he knew about soy foods, caffeinated beverages, high fructose sugar, and more. What exactly did Jesus say? No one really knows. Those who interpret the Bible literally and hang on every word are missing the point. But the essence of Jesus’ teachings comes through loud and clear, over and over, to anyone who takes the time to distill his wisdom from the gospels. It is simply open heart, open mind—love and forgiveness. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Seventh Conclusion: Jesus was not a teetotaler, despite what some branches of Christianity now claim. Miracles attributed to him involved loaves, fishes, lagu rohani masuk 2019 wine. If you don't belive in miracles, there are several historical facts to consider. 1. For most people, refrigeration is a modern invention. Fermentation is a natural event unless deliberately avoided, such as by cooking, drying, pickling, and/or salting foods.

Canning was not known in biblical days. Fermentation allowed the making of leavened bread and the preservation of grain and fruit juices as beer and wine. 2. For most people living in early communities, drinking water could not be counted on to be clean. Not everyone had access to fresh spring water, or un-polluted streams. Therefore, use of beer and diluted wine allowed alcohol to fight microbes. Most people, lagu rohani kristen even if they’re not Christians, acknowledge that an exceptional spiritual master named Jesus lived and christian songs lyrics died 2,000 years ago.

The story of his life and teachings are chronicled in the four gospels of the New Testament and lagu rohani pemulihan they have captivated the Western world ever since. But how do we know what Jesus actually said? There was no stenographer or tape recorder present and the first gospel to be recorded, Mark, wasn’t written until 30 years after Jesus’ death.
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