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Iteration 2: Training Training is a fundamental practice for any new staff. During the training phase, jasa seo terbaik I will get the knowledge about the Web Sphere Application Server following the company policies and accomplishing the tasks without violating company terms and policies. The plan had to gather knowledge about the Web-Sphere Application Server architecture properties like core functionalities, and jasa seo - http://Rumahjasagroup.com/, goals. The end of the session will give me a clear picture of Web-Sphere Application Server programs used during the development, the system architecture, and jasa seo bergaransi the framework.

jasa desain rumah minimalisAlso helps me in getting mastered in finding the required team to accomplish the particular task. The Plan for Iteration 2: Training I participated in the training session that involved the training on the organization governing policies as well as the ethical issues practiced within the internship contract period. I participated in the development of the training plan that involved the introduction of the training on the organization policies, ethical issues as well as the Web Sphere Application Server programming language.

The first session activity involved training on how to install the Web-Sphere Application Server software for developing online application program using Java and JavaScript language (G. K. Brian, personal communication, jasa pembuatan website jakarta April 01, 2015). The first sub-task in the training session involved downloading the Web Sphere Application Server development platform. The installation training session took place in the research laboratory. The requirement of the session included the fast internet.

The hardware and the software requirement included the hardware drive of 500 Gigabyte capacity and above, The Random Access Memory of 2 Gigabyte and above and the processor speed above the 3.5 Giga Hertz. The major requirements for the interns included participating in upgrading the computers to ensure they had collected hardware and software requirements. The first training session took three days. The expected results in training were acquiring skills in downloading and installing the Web-Sphere Application Server software.

The second session involved the training on the working with the Web-Sphere Application Server platform to code and performs the programming techniques. The sub-task in the training involved the development of the user interface designs and the implementation using the Web Sphere Application Server and the Javascript. The second task involved the training on the development of the database design and implementing the database designs using the Web-Sphere Application Server platform.

The third sub-task involved the designing of the front end client-side platform and arsitektur desain rumah the back end server side platform using Web Sphere Application Server development kit. The second training session requirements involved the graphic kernel system in supporting the graphical designs. The second training session took nine days. The expected results from the training were acquiring knowledge and skills in programming using Web Sphere Application Server.

jasa website jakartaThe interns were expected to develop a prototype web application to show the level of understanding the training on the Web-Sphere Application Server application programming language (S. D. Faith, personal communication, April 05, 2015). The Action of the Iteration 2: Training I participated actively throughout the entire session of training.
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